Strategic marketing for small businesses

& creative entrepreneurs who are ready to grow.

You have started a business. You have happy customers. The challenge you face now is defining, clarifying, and positioning your business.


We Believe...

  • you have the power & ability to market your own business.
  • that intentional marketing can communicate your brand message to your audience without sounding like an infomercial.
  • that "sales should be easy, not sleazy."

We provide unique content and web design solutions that help attract your target customers in a budget you can afford.


  • marketing strategy

  • content strategy

  • content creation

  • branding strategy & design

  • logo design

  • marketing materials

  • website design

  • wordpress training

  • maintenance

Our perfect clients are...

  • small business owners and creative entrepreneurs, like Boutiques, Artists, Photographers, Authors, Speakers and all around Crafty Individuals.
  • eager to partner with us and strategize to grow their business.
  • ready to dig deeper than "what colors and fonts" they should use.
  • prepared to collaborate, meet deadlines, and trust the process. It works!

Are you ready to get your project started? Do you have questions? Schedule a call below and let's chat!